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Tutorial Videos

The WP ComPEAR documentation is currently available in video format.

WP ComPEAR Tutorial #1 – How to Install & Activate the Plugin


WP ComPEAR Tutorial #2 – How to Create a New Comparison Tool


WP ComPEAR Tutorial #3 – Creating Custom Product Specifications


WP ComPEAR Tutorial #4 – Creating templates and Duplicating a New Comparison Tool


WP ComPEAR Tutorial #5 – Adding Products to Your Comparison Tool


WP ComPEAR Tutorial #6 – Publishing and Embedding your Comparison Tool into a Page or Post







Here’s the answers to some common questions to help you get the most out of WP ComPEAR and save you time.

The Images in my Table are way too large! How do I fix this?

In WP ComPEAR there is an “image” field where you can upload an image to use in your comparison tool. Unfortunately WordPress makes it nearly impossible for me to give you the ability to choose the image size that is displayed, and the full size image will get displayed. This is a limitation of WordPress – not WP ComPEAR.

The workaround for now is to insert all images in a WYSIWYG box – that way you can use the default “Add Media” button – and choose the size of image that will be displayed.

How can I quickly set up multiple comparison tools using the same setting for each one?

You can do this by creating a new ComPEAR List, adjusting all of your settings as you would like, adding your set of custom product specifications, and saving as a draft. I recommend titling it something like “T-Shirt Slider Template”.

*DO NOT add any products in this template, only add products to a new comparison tool that you duplicate in the next step.

Next navigate to the “view all ComPEAR Lists” page and hover over your newly created template. You’ll see a link called “duplicate”. Click this to create a duplicate of your template and add products to it, making sure to change the name.


Is WP ComPEAR compatible with the Easy Azon plugin?

Yes … mostly. You can use Easy Azon in the WYSIWYG fields and it will work in the product slider and sortable tables. The Easy Azon shortcodes currently will not work in the Drag and Drop comparison tool. It is expected to be compatible in a future update.


Can I add linked images in one of the custom specification fields?

Yes. To add a linked image, create a custom specification and set it to the WYSIWYG option. You can now upload an image into this field and link it to wherever you would like.


How can I add a link into a custom specification?

Many people try to do this using the “plain text” field type. A link involves html so does not qualify as “plain text”. In order to add a link, create a custom specification with a field type of “WYSIWYG”. You can add links, images, linked images, ordered lists, or any other html you would like in the WYSIWYG field. Just keep in mind that although you can add almost anything in this field, it doesn’t mean that you should!


I’ve added my custom specifications and a bunch of products but my comparison tool just doesn’t look very good. How come?

The chances are that you have added images that are too large, too much text, or something that you shouldn’t really be adding into your comparison tool. When adding products and content to your comparison tool, keep in mind how it will look when you are finished. There is only so much room in a table or 5 slide layout that you can use. More often than not, if your comparison tool doesn’t look that good, you probably have too much content in it.

With flexibility comes the responsibility to use it wisely.


I have a lot of custom specifications. Is there a way to make the add products / items table larger so I can see more columns at once?

Yes. Click the “Screen Options” button on the top right of the edit page, and set the number of columns to 1. Now you can see as many columns as your screen width will accommodate. To see even more you can zoom out your screen (ctrl/cmd minus).


I’m wondering if WP ComPEAR can _____________. Is that possible?

If there is a feature or setting that you would like to see implemented, let me know. I can’t promise I will add it, but if enough people request it and I think it would be a good addition, I just might.


I’m having trouble with the WP ComPEAR . Where can I get support?

You can contact WP ComPEAR support here. Make sure you have your valid license key and matching email address before filling out the form. Support requests without a valid license key and email address will not be responded to.






Special Thanks with the Translation Help!

I’m always looking for people to help me with the translation files for WP ComPEAR. If you would like to help translate the plugin in a language not listed below, get a hold of me.

  • English – native language of the plugin
  • Spanish – courtesy of José María Ávila
  • What’s next -who can help?